Contemporary society has accepted using phones during meals: they sit next to the cutleries ready to be unlocked for a better conversation than the one happening at the table.

Amy is a radical tableware which confronts the user with this new habit of the present era. 

To emphasise phone dependancy and write a new etiquette on how to behave, Amy traps the device in the middle of the plate. At the beginning of the meal the users are supposed to place the phone into the case, which is slightly taller. Only when the food is finished and the supper has been enjoyed it’s possible to turn the plate upside down and get back the mobile.

Thanks to its performative and radical use, Amy highlights phone dependency and starts a new table conversation.


photos by Sarah Collins with Lina Chi, Federico Rosa



Winner of the Sharing & Caring Ceramic Contest 2019 by COR UNUM Ceramics 

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