Harvesting Heat




In buildings there are different sources of heat which sometimes are exploited only to certain extend. There are situations when the temperature in the room is not enough to satisfy more specific needs like lower body and cold feet.


By connecting ceramic elements to radiators, it's possible to harvest heat that can be then moved around the space and plugged on furniture. These movable elements are more physically engaging with humans than radiators, obsolete and far away under a window. Once warmed up, they can be placed on cork benches, stools or feet rests which, thanks to the insulating properties of the material, won’t absorb the ceramic heat. 

Like a puzzle the two materials fit and compliment each other, self explaining their purpose. Ultimately the users can benefit of a pleasant and active experience: collecting warmth and store it in the furniture which, for a limited time, is complete. 

photos by Moonseop Seo, Enrico Rapella