Soft Spot


“A curtain can demarcate a soft division in space around the body, similar to the area traced by the limbs of The Vitruvian Man.”

Curtains are soft divisions in space. They are alive, movable, soft, light, relaxing and, most of all, temporary. Dissected and analysed, curtains are composed of two elements: the horizontal rail and the vertical textile, unfolding by gravity. 

Enrico Rapella explores the connection between curtains, their features and their effects when applied to furniture. He took a desk and positioned a rail above it to follow the outline of the furniture. The translucent curtain suspended from the rail extends space of the furniture upwards. The volume and intimacy of this space mutate continuously in respond to human activity at, on and around the furniture.

As a result, the table can adapt to different situations and benefit from the soft divisions and sense of privacy created by the curtain. 

text by Billy Nolan with Enrico Rapella

photos by Nicole Marnati, Enrico Rapella

sponsored by Vescom, Goelst, Forbo Furniture


Soft Installation


Soft Architecture and Performative Research that emphasise each piece of furniture in the room. Using curtains to extrude the outline of the objects till the ceiling, this installation explores their presence,  features and spacial implications.